Mad Men (Older but oh so good!)

It is now getting simpler to stream television videos on the internet. Actually, streaming makes it easy to watch your favorite shows according to your schedule whenever you want. The difficulty lies in coming across a good service that will provide reliable and full content to online viewers. Mad Men streaming can be very simple if you can put in a little time searching at first.

Mad Men initially aired in 2007 and has since then become widely popular on cable television. This is the main reason Mad Men streaming on the internet has also caught on as of recent times. It is regularly aired on cable TV which restricts its audiences; the internet makes is more widely accessible. The series is about an advertising agency in the sixties. This show is recognized for its historical accuracy and authenticity in the subjects it treats.

An excellent way to start Mad Men streaming and getting to know the start characters through the series is to look up official online re-broadcasting services. Most networks put up every episode on their main site right after it has aired on TV. In most cases, the show will be available for just a short period of time but will offer a great quality of video and good reliable service.

Other networks will deal with an external service, another website that compiles all of their video content and sorts it and makes it available for viewing to wider audiences. That being said, more often than not, this content is made available to certain geographical areas and restricted to these areas. Legal issues are at the root of this problem and it is what’s restraining viewers from other countries to easily access Mad Men streaming.

This signifies that a majority of online viewers have to look into other ways to effectively watch their desired shows on the internet. The online community that is the web has created websites that enable users to broadcast or upload videos and make them available to international viewers across the planet. The point is to find a lot of users and get them involved to provide more content and full selections.

The best and easiest way if you want to look up a show is to search through search engines using good quality keywords. Filtering and sorting through results might be necessary and you’ll find a multitude of unreliable services. In most cases, you might have to view more than one site to enjoy a full television series.

It is obvious that Mad Men streaming is possible and accessible on the web. It might be super easy or very difficult also. Patience and perseverance will yield substantial results and good TV viewing.

In conclusion, if mad men streaming is not available, then your first thought should be where you can buy it. Buying the show is actually better because that way you’ll be able to watch your favorite show all day seven days a week if you wanted to. Plus if you buy the whole series or a few seasons at a time, it’s usually about fifty dollars. That’s a one time fee so no membership costs for you.

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The Walking Dead

Vastly different from all of the “reality” shows about towing Stone Mountain or a baker in Vegas, the walking dead is a 2010 TV series originally created by AMC studios and directed by Frank is a horror drama based on the zombie apocalypse and its effects on civilization in the modern world. The series is based on the black and white comic book series; The Walking Dead written and illustrated by Robert Kirkman. The show was originally only aired on AMC cable TV but was later shown on other Fox international channels.

The Plot

Set in Georgia, The series follows the life of deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, who is shot in the line of duty. He wakes up from the coma in the hospital bed all alone and finds the world invaded by zombies. He finds his wife Lori and only son Carl have joined a survival group.

He is later joined by his best friend Shane, who happens to be having an affair with his wife. He becomes unhinged in the second season becoming a threat to the survivors. The group consists of professionals and their families. Soon, friendships are built and they treat each other like family. The role of Rick is starred by Andrew Lincoln

The land is ruled by zombies, or as they are called in the series “the walkers” with an insatiable need for human flesh. They are not responsive to pain or touch and do not need water or sleep to survive. Being reanimated human beings means they are unable to die due to the normal causes that kill humans.

The only way seen to kill the zombies is by damaging their brain. If their head is somehow detached from the body, it still remains active without being potentially dangerous.

When you are bitten by a zombie or come to contact with anything from the zombie, you are infected with a serious fever that eventually kills and turns you into a zombie. The post-apocalyptic world is filled with groups of survivors fighting for survival. Each group considers the other potential enemies compared to the walkers.

The plot over the seasons continues to revolve around the challenges of the zombie ruled world, survival among the living and the personal lives of the survivors. The thrill of the season is the anticipation of who will survive each season without being killed or becoming a zombie.

It is both a thrilling and horrifying series that is sure to leave every fan at the very edge of their seat.

Ratings And Reviews

The Walking Dead received positive reviews and great ratings from its first season. It has an IMDb rating of 8.6/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 83%. This saw the increase in number of episodes from 6 in season 1 to 19 in season 6. The show has been renewed for its 7TH season to be aired in late 2017.

It had been nominated and won many awards such as the 2011 Writers Guild of America Award .At the 68th annual Golden Globe, it was nominated for the Best Television Drama Series. Andrew Lincoln was also nominated for the best actor in a television show in the same year.



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Sherlock (the Movie)

I know the rest of this is about television shows but this movie surprised me with much I liked it and it certainly made me more interested in watching the Sherlock BBC series when I heard about it.

A director who has made better gangster movies than more than half of the other directors, plans to recreate the magic of one of the most loved fictional characters of English Literature and brings together one of the best A grade actors of our times together. The result is pure magic. Be the critics or the audience or the English laureates who have considered Sherlock Holmes as one of the best characters produced by the English literature, none of them could find any credible fault in the movie. This shows how good the movie was.

The story is simple. Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson is out there to stop an evil lord, who has resurfaced from death, from taking over the country. The lord who is an expert in practicing black magic want to take over the reins of the country and invade America which was at that time struggling with civil war.

The movie can be remembered for varied reasons. Be it the slick direction or the portrayal of the characters or the excellent work of the casting director, each and every aspect of the movie is unique in itself.

Though the plot might not be that extensive and one might want to skip giving a detailed description but one certainly can’t avoid speaking oodles of praises for the characters. The carefully carved characters of the movie are a treat to watch. If Holmes on one hand lacks social abilities and skills, his trusted friend and ally Dr. Holmes is very much sophisticated and has Victorian standard for everything. He uses his abilities and intellect in more constructive and organized pursuits. He definitely is one of the best sidekicks of all times.

It is this relationship between the characters that is the best features of the movie. The way the director has treated the screenplay is really awesome and the way it has been explored is the best for an action-comedy movie.

Throughout the movie Holmes goes into destructive phases and it’s the trusted friend who helps him out of the slump. Such is the combination that at times Holmes looks more like a kid in front of the sophisticated Dr. Watson. In the movie though he shows he want to move in life and settle down with a fiance it is quite evident that he is craving for adventure and is seeking to re-live his past, one which we are led to believe may not be as unblemished as it seems.

Though pretty tough, but if I am asked to sum up the movie in one word it definitely would be “Awesome.” With so many other movies around it is not easy to be one of the top and best movies of the year. The way I smiled after coming out of the theater proved the movie indeed had something juicy in it. What was it?

The long list includes the outstanding and cinematography that could be presented only by Guy Ritchie and no one else. The slow motion scenes where Holmes described how he would go about deflating the opponents are a treat to watch. Apart from the characters, the dialogues are quite witty, though a bit hard to decipher at times is a good mixture of seriousness and humour. One can’t stop himself from laughing on how Holmes’ or Watson’s quipped against each other.

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Breaking Bad

***SPOILERS at the end***

Breaking Bad is a crime-drama television show that was created & produced by the amazing producer Vince Gilligan. Breaking Bad was shown on the AMC on January 20, 2008, and lasted for five seasons, to September 29, 2013. The show narrates the story of a highly struggling high school chemistry teacher who got diagnosed with lung cancer, named Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, Walter start cooking meth in collaboration with his former pupil Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul.

I watched the jaw-dropping season 4 finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad Sunday night with that mixture of awe and wondered that only the best art could inspire.

Like all forms of mass media, television is a chameleon at heart. When it’s bad it can be mind-numbingly bad-melodramatic, reality shows bad but when it’s good-I mean Mad Men, The Wire good it can approach the sublime.

Vince Gilligan’s acclaimed series is at its heart the study of Walter White’s transformation from a struggling, mild-mannered high-school chemistry teacher to a meth-cooking, morally descending murderer. But, as fans and critics alike agree, Breaking Bad is so, so much more.

Like all great characters, Walt is by no means a caricature. What makes him so interesting, so irresistible even in his conniving, child-poisoning evil is his complexity as a human being. Here is an individual cut open and laid bare before us stinking guts and all. It’s painful but cathartic to witness.

In Walt’s case, it’s partially fate (his cancer), but primarily his own doing that has led to his life unraveling before our very eyes. Greek tragedy comes to mind, as does Shakespeare: think of the callousness of Macbeth coupled with an internal and external world spiraling out of control and you get the idea.

Compared to Walt, meth addict Jesse sometimes appears so naive, so innocent. But, of course, Jesse is no angel. He too is neck-deep in the big muddy. Manipulated by Gus and Walt, Jesse has been a frequent pawn in an epic chess match between two grand masters. But Jesse has blood on his hands as well and clearly Gilligan has many more trials in store for this young man.

The possibilities for the 5th & final season of the show are delicious. As in Greek or Shakespearean tragedy, Walt’s life may come to a devastating albeit predictable end. Is there some possibility for redemption here? Perhaps it’s too late for Walt–he’s gone too far–and redemption is in store for Jesse alone.

Were it a novel, many of us would stay up all night reading to find out. But television, by its serial nature, takes that choice out of our hands in a sense. In this way it mimics life. For as in life, with television we have to wait until next week, or in this case, next season to find out what happens. This only adds to its power, its irresistible mystic. And when it’s this good, few want to resist.

If you are seeking for a good TV show to watch, I recommend you to start and watch Breaking Bad; it’s an amazing TV show. If you already watched the show, you know how awesome she is, and you might want to look and find some Breaking Bad gifts.

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Downton Abbey

The primary arrangement, involving seven scenes, investigates the lives of the anecdotal Crawley family, the genetic Earl of Granthams, and their residential hirelings starting the days after the noteworthy sinking of the RMS Titanic on 14/15 April 1912. The story line focuses on the expense tail or “involve” representing the titled world class, which enriches both title and home only to beneficiaries male. As a feature of the backstory, the primary characters, Robert and Earl of Grantham, had settled past monetary challenges by wedding Cora Levinson, an American beneficiary.

A subplot includes John Bates and Lord Grantham’s latest valet, and Thomas Barrow, who detests Bates supplanting him and making Barrow be downgraded back to a footman. Bates and the Thomas stay at chances in ensuing arrangement. Dump cart attempts to attack Bates after taking in he was as of late discharged from prison for burglary. In the fantasy line, Barrows, a homosexual man in late Edwardian England, helped by Miss’ O’Brien, Lady Grantham’s cleaning specialist, makes ruin for the majority of the staff. Pushcart is found taking, yet he joins to the British armed force as a doctor. Matthew inevitably begins to look all starry eyed at Lady Mary, yet she rejects his proposition. Cora gets to be distinctly pregnant, perhaps with a male beneficiary, yet falls and loses after O’Brien, erroneously trusting she were to be let go, strikes back by leaving a bar of cleanser on the dangerous washroom floor. The arrangement closes soon after these Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s death and the episode of the First World War in July 1914.

The second arrangement includes eight scenes and keeps running from these Battles of the Sommes in 1916 to the 1918 influenza pandemic. Amid the wars, Downton Abbey is briefly changed over into an officers’ healing facility. Matthew gets to be distinctly connected with to Lavinia Swire, a well off specialist’s girl and joined to the British Army as an officer. Mary, who later creates affections for Matthew, gets to be distinctly connected with to Sir Richards Carlisle, an intense and heartless daily paper big shot. Their relationship demonstrates troublesome, yet Mary is bounded to Carlisle after he squashes a story in regards to her past shocking tactlessness. Downton’s footman, William Mason, had likewise enrolled in the armed force. Bates is compelled to leave Downton over troubles with his offended spouse, Vera Bates, who undermines to uncover a Crawley mystery. At the point when Mrs. Bates strangely bites the dust, Bates is captured on doubt of her murder.

Woman Sybil, the most youthful Crawley girl, who abhorred her smothering privileged life, goes gaga for Tom Branson, the driver with solid communist convictions. They run off to Ireland in the wake of accepting Lord Grantham’s hesitant gift. William kicks the bucket from his war wounds after a deathbed marriage to Daisy, the kitchen servant. Daisy never adored William. However, Mrs. Patmore, Downton’s cook, compelled her to make William’s last days cheerful by wedding him. Matthew and Mary acknowledge they are enamored. However, Matthew decently stays focused on wedding Lavinia. Obscure to him, a crushed Lavinia catches Matthew and Mary proclaim their affection. The Spanish flu pandemic hits Downton Abbey toward the end of the war. Cora, considered important sick, survives, yet Lavinia, additionally contaminated, passes on. The hand truck is rehired at Downton in the wake of helping the staff amid the episode. Mary and Matthew rejoin, while Bates is discovered liable of murder and sentenced to be executed.





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Who doesn’t love Downton Abbey?! We were so sad when the show ended.  To remind us why we loved it so much, here is a video with the 10 best Downton Abbey moments: