Sherlock (the Movie)

I know the rest of this is about television shows but this movie surprised me with much I liked it and it certainly made me more interested in watching the Sherlock BBC series when I heard about it.

A director who has made better gangster movies than more than half of the other directors, plans to recreate the magic of one of the most loved fictional characters of English Literature and brings together one of the best A grade actors of our times together. The result is pure magic. Be the critics or the audience or the English laureates who have considered Sherlock Holmes as one of the best characters produced by the English literature, none of them could find any credible fault in the movie. This shows how good the movie was.

The story is simple. Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson is out there to stop an evil lord, who has resurfaced from death, from taking over the country. The lord who is an expert in practicing black magic want to take over the reins of the country and invade America which was at that time struggling with civil war.

The movie can be remembered for varied reasons. Be it the slick direction or the portrayal of the characters or the excellent work of the casting director, each and every aspect of the movie is unique in itself.

Though the plot might not be that extensive and one might want to skip giving a detailed description but one certainly can’t avoid speaking oodles of praises for the characters. The carefully carved characters of the movie are a treat to watch. If Holmes on one hand lacks social abilities and skills, his trusted friend and ally Dr. Holmes is very much sophisticated and has Victorian standard for everything. He uses his abilities and intellect in more constructive and organized pursuits. He definitely is one of the best sidekicks of all times.

It is this relationship between the characters that is the best features of the movie. The way the director has treated the screenplay is really awesome and the way it has been explored is the best for an action-comedy movie.

Throughout the movie Holmes goes into destructive phases and it’s the trusted friend who helps him out of the slump. Such is the combination that at times Holmes looks more like a kid in front of the sophisticated Dr. Watson. In the movie though he shows he want to move in life and settle down with a fiance it is quite evident that he is craving for adventure and is seeking to re-live his past, one which we are led to believe may not be as unblemished as it seems.

Though pretty tough, but if I am asked to sum up the movie in one word it definitely would be “Awesome.” With so many other movies around it is not easy to be one of the top and best movies of the year. The way I smiled after coming out of the theater proved the movie indeed had something juicy in it. What was it?

The long list includes the outstanding and cinematography that could be presented only by Guy Ritchie and no one else. The slow motion scenes where Holmes described how he would go about deflating the opponents are a treat to watch. Apart from the characters, the dialogues are quite witty, though a bit hard to decipher at times is a good mixture of seriousness and humour. One can’t stop himself from laughing on how Holmes’ or Watson’s quipped against each other.

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