The Walking Dead

Vastly different from all of the “reality” shows about towing Stone Mountain or a baker in Vegas, the walking dead is a 2010 TV series originally created by AMC studios and directed by Frank is a horror drama based on the zombie apocalypse and its effects on civilization in the modern world. The series is based on the black and white comic book series; The Walking Dead written and illustrated by Robert Kirkman. The show was originally only aired on AMC cable TV but was later shown on other Fox international channels.

The Plot

Set in Georgia, The series follows the life of deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, who is shot in the line of duty. He wakes up from the coma in the hospital bed all alone and finds the world invaded by zombies. He finds his wife Lori and only son Carl have joined a survival group.

He is later joined by his best friend Shane, who happens to be having an affair with his wife. He becomes unhinged in the second season becoming a threat to the survivors. The group consists of professionals and their families. Soon, friendships are built and they treat each other like family. The role of Rick is starred by Andrew Lincoln

The land is ruled by zombies, or as they are called in the series “the walkers” with an insatiable need for human flesh. They are not responsive to pain or touch and do not need water or sleep to survive. Being reanimated human beings means they are unable to die due to the normal causes that kill humans.

The only way seen to kill the zombies is by damaging their brain. If their head is somehow detached from the body, it still remains active without being potentially dangerous.

When you are bitten by a zombie or come to contact with anything from the zombie, you are infected with a serious fever that eventually kills and turns you into a zombie. The post-apocalyptic world is filled with groups of survivors fighting for survival. Each group considers the other potential enemies compared to the walkers.

The plot over the seasons continues to revolve around the challenges of the zombie ruled world, survival among the living and the personal lives of the survivors. The thrill of the season is the anticipation of who will survive each season without being killed or becoming a zombie.

It is both a thrilling and horrifying series that is sure to leave every fan at the very edge of their seat.

Ratings And Reviews

The Walking Dead received positive reviews and great ratings from its first season. It has an IMDb rating of 8.6/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 83%. This saw the increase in number of episodes from 6 in season 1 to 19 in season 6. The show has been renewed for its 7TH season to be aired in late 2017.

It had been nominated and won many awards such as the 2011 Writers Guild of America Award .At the 68th annual Golden Globe, it was nominated for the Best Television Drama Series. Andrew Lincoln was also nominated for the best actor in a television show in the same year.



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